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Russia invaded Ukraine - Shield of Europe. As our citizens protect the world from tyranny, now is the time to show your support for freedom and democracy in Ukraine and around the world.

 Why It′s Important to You:

We stand up for the values we share with Europe and the world. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that Putin′s values do not spread around the world, even beyond our borders. Our army is strong and determined, but not yet strong enough.  

"No weapon will work without professionally trained servicemen, which makes them the most valuable element of the army" - AZOV

Our organization needs your support. We use the funds provided to help train civilians and military units, on a FREE basis, for practical military training. We believe that our activities will improve the resistance of the enemy and SAVE more LIVES.

About us:

Prior to the full-scale war in our country, our organization was engaged in the development and promotion of airsoft as a sport, attracting people to our friendly community, as well as holding airsoft events in our region. Since the beginning of the war, most of our brothers and sisters have joined the armed forces to defend our homeland. Those of us who, for various reasons, were unable to join military units, began to help group our airsoft friends in material terms, giving them the necessary things and equipment… We are currently receiving many inquiries from the military regarding assistance in providing airsoft equipment to military personnel for practical training and tactical exercises. With our inventory and consumables, we cannot meet all the demand. (At the beginning of the activity we had 22 drives, now 4 have failed)

How we help:

Currently, we are an NGO "Vinnytsia Airsoft Federation", we work to promote the training of servicemen of the Armed Forces, on a free basis, for practical training in military training on tactics based on airsoft equipment. It is the use of airsoft equipment in training that allows servicemen to supplement theoretical and shooting exercises on military training grounds, and to improve skills during the simulation of military combat. We believe that our activities will save more lives.

Questions and answers:  

The war has already begun. Isn′t it too late to help?  

No. Not at all. The Ukrainian army is courageously defending the country from the enemy, but it needs your help. The needs are only increasing. Even after the victory, we want to continue our activities in order to prevent something like this in Europe. Every hryvnia counts.  

I don′t want to give money for the war. How can I help?  

We fully respect this position. Our organization aims to save lives, not pose a threat to them. We carry out activities to promote the training of servicemen of the Armed Forces, on a free basis, in practical classes of military training in tactics based on (non-lethal) airsoft equipment. By making donations, you are contributing to saving lives.  

What will be funded by my donation?

  I do not want to spend money on bombs and weapons. No part of our funding goes to weapons designed to kill people. First of all, the funds will be used to repair equipment used during training and purchase new ones to cover all military needs.  

How do I know what is really happening in Ukraine?

Russian troops officially invaded Ukraine. These attacks resulted in hundreds of injuries and deaths of Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainians need you now more than ever. Do not believe the propaganda of those who invade us.  

Where can I get information about your activities?  

You can read more about our achievements here.  

How can I see if you received my help and what it was spent on?  

We are transparent and open and report regularly on our work. We are a non-profit organization and accumulate funds only on the open account of the organization, the operation of which can be viewed by anyone in real time.

Оpen statement on the organization′s accounts is available here.

Ukraine needs your support. Any donation you provide helps save Ukraine and Ukrainians.

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